Upping your level…


For those of us who are driven toward virtuosity in their singing development, who have a driving passion and perseverance for it, then at some crossroads, we need the guidance of an expert who knows this territory from the inside-out and can help us get there. 


Why?  Because we humans are very complex!  And developing our Expression System in concert with our Vocal Apparatus can be complex because it is also territory that includes emotional as well as survival processes.  I mean, your chest cavity is the instinctual emotional center (Heart, Lungs and Kidneys) and your abdominal cavity is the instinctual center of survival in the sense knowing how well or not well I am at any given moment (digestive organs & Enteric Nervous System).  These centers provide immediate, moment to moment information that keep us safe and healthy, plus knowing what we need in our life.

So we are using territory in our body-psyche that has multiple functions in our health and well being.  Well being includes energetic, physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual (or identity) processes that must function well  and below our conscious awareness in order for us for be safe and capable of evolving and not simply stagnant.


What does this have to do with singing?

Singing is perhaps the highest expression of our human spirit. I have heard it said that the voice is ‘our spirit made visible’ and this rings true based on my personal direct experience.  And if this is true, then any fear or block that has been absorbed in our body-psyche will have an effect on how we express ourselves and how we emit our voice while singing. This is just so well known in human experience.  Any singer who has had the commitment and passion to develop their instrument to a virtuosic level knows that it is more than simple physical practice.  It is going to include physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and vital (vital energy or vitality) processes in order to ascend to the place where your speaking and singing will be one and the same instrument. Again, this is all based on direct experience over centuries of human artistic development that few know anything about.

Over the past 42 years, I have worked with singers of all stripes. Broadway actors, opera singers, pop singers, rock singers, and on and on. The one thing that is true for all singers is that we all use the same mammalian organism to sing, although each of us uses that body in slightly different ways (based on good clinical research).  We first must discover somatically what the human expression system and vocal apparatus is and how they function precisely and scientifically.  Each of us has specific challenges or blocks that must be discovered, observed, and transcended in order to emit a voice that is free and clear of any obstruction, limitation or subconscious habit acquired in our past (especially as children).  If your Mom or Dad had a vocal habit that represented an emotional limitation, you might have acquired that habit and it could prevent you from keeping your Sound Center independent from you Speech Center. This is only one example but there are many other possibilities where we are carrying subconscious, protective blocks that interfere with open and free expression. And singing is all about open and free expression from your gut, heart, & mind/spirit to your fellow humans.

If you feel that your singing development is too slow, or that you feel blocked in your development in any way, we should talk to see if what I do might be helpful to catapult you to the next level in your development as a singer.  We are much clearer today on the science and motor skills that are necessary to free your instrument, so that you can emit a voice that represents your true spirit in the voice that God intended for you, which is like no-one else in the Universe.

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