Uncovering your singing voice

Most singers do not realize it but you are likely only functioning at around 50% of your vocal potential.  Why? Because most of us are:

  1. carrying trauma from our past in our body/psyche and this fear (tension) has a limiting impact on the singer’s muscles and the elasticity and flexibility necessary to emit your voice outside your body and achieve what is called sonic return (what some called ‘ring’ or ‘boom in the room’)
  2. unaware of the necessity of the Listening Posture and further on, the Singer’s State, which can be precesely taught and which are necessary to achieve virtuosic singing levels  (without causing vocal problems no matter how much you sing)
  3. completely unaware that we have to keep our throat (Sound Center) independent from your mouth (Speech Center) or the larynx will shut down when singing
  4. unaware of how the singer’s muscles function efficiently
  5. and much more

Today, with the centuries old Italian Bel Canto physiological approach to singing, deep insider vocal knowledge from the Theater traditions, now coupled with modern physics, you can a voice that will be free of vocal problems due to inaccurate, unscientific, and misguided singing approaches. That voice will also achieve a unique sound, since no voice in the Universe is the same as yours. It is your unique vocal signature.  In other words, we add real know-how to the current physics (neurologically it is your ear sings) and are able to ascend to higher levels of mastery in an accelerated manner.



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