These short video’s give a flavor of the support & training you will receive The, on the path of discovering your unique singing voice that functions BEST in total relaxation.

And, you will also learn how to NEVER cause yourself a vocal fold dysfunction. Ever!  Surgery is not inevitable for a professional singer. We possess these amazing organisms that use the least energy and achieve the most beauty.   We simply need to learn the precise science (both phenomenological (how to) and ontological (the science of our body)  of how they actually function.

It possesses a highly complex, instinctual  ability to communicate and relate via the Expression System and Vocal Apparatus.   The formula to use is that of Dr. P. Mario Marifioti, Italian Ear, Nose and Throat physician who authored “Caruso’s method of voice production: The scientific culture of voice” is as follows:

Minimum Breath

plus Minimum Tension in the throat


MAXIMUM resonance


Enjoy the videos and please share them if you find them at all helpful.



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