NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Brain Training session

When you experience performance anxiety, it is undigested experiences of fear from your past being triggered and replaying. It is not about just the present performance or audition even though it FEELS like is is happening now. With neurofeedback brain training, we can show the brain that it is generating its own suffering, in this case anxiety. And since it is a highly sophisticated energy conserving system, it can learn to stop doing that because it is not forwarding its survival agenda. Your brain can learn to spend more time in the present moment.   And honestly, survival actually demands more on relaxation since all creativity and problem solving are done best in a calm state. This has always been known! Panic and anxiety are not conducive to  problem solving.

Most people live in some form of panic and do not know it.  We can see it in the spectograph (second image below) in real time when we have sensors hooked up to the individuals cranium.  In real time, we can see that they are, for instance, ruminating about the past or catastrophizing about the future. We can see when they are generating the same exact thoughts that they generated yesterday.  We can see when their system is relaxing.

With the particular type of neurofeedback approach that I use with performing artists, we never push the brain to do what we feel is good for it. We provide it information in real time about its energy expenditure moment to moment and this helps it to renormalize itself based of its innate intelligence and survival capability. Performers begin to notice that they are less prone to be taken out by triggers and more able to remain present and deal with the situation moment to moment to moment be it audition, performance or whatever is happening.

Brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Delta, Theta, and Gamma.

See what the various bands of brainwaves relate to in your life.

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