About David George Delaney & Intrinsic Singing™

Intrinsic Singing is what I call the work that I  have come to offer singers  who perform for live audiences; actors, singers, dancers. I have been on this path for more than 40 years and it has been an organic development based on my own personal experience. An actor who sings, my training in theater and having performed on stage since an early age, lead to me work with singers in New York City.  In musical theater, a seasoned, journeyman actor is one who sings in the same voice that she speaks in.  She does not speak in one voice and then sing in another.  It won’t cut it. They are one and the same physiological process. Each of us has our unique vocal signature and that is the basis of our voice, and, we must initiate all our character work in this signature.

Clip from my Avalon Theater One-Man Show, “Love, Desire and Growing Pains” on Broadway (and 107th St)

My own limitations in singing lead me to work with Margaret Laughlin Riddleberger in New York City. She worked with many actors both in NYC and Washington, D.C. Her work was grounded in the Bel Canto method of singing from Italy, as she had sung at the Metropolitan Opera.  We became collaborators for 2 decades. I brought my Rolfing® Structural Integration training and certification to her Studio and worked on virtually all her students to free their bodies of the tension and fear that we all acquire (sub-consciously) in the course of growing up. Becuase we sing with the an interior set of muscles called the intrinsic muscles, which are emotional muscles essentially, we must rehabilitate them to initiate all vocal  emission.   My work accelerated her students learning development, based on Margaret’s feedback to me.  We were deep collaborators.

Today, I work with singers who sing for live audiences. This is my passion and only interest.  With the knowledge that I acquired through my singing training and collaboration with Margaret (1979 to 2007) combined with modern science, I am able to accelerate a singers development by helpong them release the fear (tension, trauma) that we acquire in our lives but do not recognize as such.  Uncovering voices is what I do,  since most of us are copying others (though we do not know it).  I have sophisticated tools and the experience as someone who has sing for live audiences all my life, to help you transcend the somatic protective mechanisms from childhood that prevent full self expression in your God given voice.

2nd clip from my Avalon Theater One-Man Show, “Love, Desire and Growing Pains”.

I hold a professional acting degree for the America Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, am a Certified Rolf® Practitioner, a Tomatis® Consultant for audio-vocal training, am a Tai Chi and meditation instructor, among other certifications that all related to freeing the body and mind that allow free self-expression without harming your voice, no matter how much you sing.  My focus is person-centered and I work with each person in a unique way based on their needs, wants, goals, capacities and aptitudes. I always want to do a Listening Assessment with my audiometer to determine if there is any dysfunction in your listening abilities. In the work od Dr. Alfred Tomatis  we say the it is the ‘ear’ that sings (if you know the physiology of the Central Nervous System) and any block related to listening will limit your vocal emission capabilities directly.

Please reach out for further information. I do an audition with anyone wishing to work with me. And I will never try to sell you. I only want to work with those who are drawn to this work with me and who I am drawn to work with.  It needs to be mutual. I work with only those who are committed to singing for live audiences, which provides the pressure for the internal journey that it will take to achieve mastery over your body- mind-voice.