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Who am I?

Hi, I am David!

I am an actor-singer. I began working with singers and acrtors in New York City in 1982, mainly theater and Broadway actor-singers, actors, and opera singers, but also those in the pop and rock world. My work focuses on the body since our body is our instrument. Any tension or unresolved physical or emotional trauma held in the body will directly impact a singer’s vocal production, since singing demands full intrinsic body flexibility, connection, relaxation and resilience.

We singers sing with the intrinsic muscles, or also called the emotional muscles which must be elastic, unified and dynamically relaxed in order to emit a sound that matches our speaking voice, since they are one and the same voice. This is central to a long, satisfying career where you will not experience vocal problems.

I am first an actor-singer and from there became a body centered therapist  and Certified Advanced Rolfer® who has been in private practice for about 4 decades. I have developed a direct, gentle, and non-aggressive style of working with singers, musicians & actors to help them recognize and release accumulated, held tension/fear that’s absorbed into our psyche/body (they are one and the same) in the course of our daily lives, especially in this highly stressed and technological culture. Too much unresolved tension in our body is the downfall for a singer, since the hallmark of a great singing is dynamic relaxation, using the least amount of tension and breath, to achieve the most resonance. Resonance is the result of bone conduction of your voice in your own body and this cannot be forced in any way. You have to learn how to first discover and then achieve it; this has always been taught teacher to student. Words  or fancy theories or belief will not do it. 

I have made a lifelong study of the human body/psyche and studied/trained in multiple systems of somatic manual therapy, among them Massage therapy at the Swedish Institute in NYC, Zero Balancing,  Cranio-Sacral Therapy with Dr. John Upledger, and Chua Ka® Bodywork and Vortex Points® developed by Oscar Ichazo.  And I was told by my Rolfing Instructor Michael Salveson in 1985 that ‘David has the thing that we cannot teach’.

I am a graduate of Fordham University in NYC. and hold a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Regis University in Denver. I am a certified consultant in The Tomatis® Approach to Audio-Vocal Training, Advanced Certified in NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Brain Training for performance anxiety resolution, and EMDR Trauma Psychotherapy.  My work for all these years has focused on assisting singers to improve their singing capabilities by helping their bodies release accumulated and unresolved tension-trauma-stress that we acquire in our lives, mostly sub-consciously, and that constrains and limits our personality and expression system.

Today, I have my own unique approach to working with singers that is the result of 40 years of working in this field.

Reach out to me below if you suspect that I might be able to support you in your goals.

  • David G. Delaney, MA, ACR, LPC (Colorado)
  • Singing Voice Trainer & Therapist since 1982
  • Intrinsic Singing Voice Training
  • Services for Singers who Sing for Live Audiences
  • Intrinsic Bodywork for singers: uncover your voice
  • Tomatis® Consultant: Audio-Vocal Training for the Singer
  • Tomatis® Listening Assessment


My training began in massage therapy at the Swedish Institute in NYC, in order to gain the necessary anatomy and physiology as well as hands-on experience for my upcoming Rolfing® Structural Integration Training. I completed my basic Rolfing® certification in 1985 and worked with singers until 2002 when I moved West to do a Masters in Counseling Psychology.

I also have training in Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Chua Ka® Bodywork, Vortex Points®, Psychocalisthenics® Exercise System, Tai Chi, Zero Balancing® among others.  All this indicates my board knowledge and tools for working with humans who often do not fit linear molds, especially those of us from the performing arts.


Today, I train singers in Intrinsic Singing. Intrinsic singing demands full unification of the intrinsic muscle system (the muscles of initiation or also called the survival muscles) in order to uncover and emit the voice that Nature intended for you which is your unique signature and like no-one else’s voice. When you discover your authentic voice, your intrinsic voice, what you were doing previously was  over-exerting way too much, and your voice was not nourishing you. One of the key functions of our voice it that our brain can be recharged by it if you know how to produce it with relaxation.

I utilize electronic sonic training that uncovers and clears listening dysfunctions that you may have been carrying since childhood and that limits your ability, no matter how hard you work, to emit a voice that is clear, full, rich and unique to you.  And it really works! Find out more about this work at this link.