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TheSingersCENTER, home of Intrinsic Singing®, is the life work of David George Delaney, actor-singer, trainer & somatic therapist for singers & is a comprehensive, practical resource for those who perform for live audiences.

Uncovering Voices Since 1985: uncover your intrinsic singing voice, that is like no-one else in the Universe

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Uncover your Singing Voice with David George Delaney

Are you yearning to showcase your singing for live audiences but find yourself hindered by internal blocks? Perhaps you’re facing challenges such as vocal limitations, performance anxiety, or the inability to express with your true voice. You may even excel in rehearsals but struggle to unleash your full potential in front of others. Of you are perhaps simply having vocal issues that you know should not be happening. If you feel stuck and frustrated, despite your efforts, it’s time to embark on a transformative journey of uncovering your true voice.

Through expert vocal training, you can overcome psycho-physical barriers and learn to express yourself effortlessly with virtuosity. Many singers possess theoretical knowledge about singing technique as well as ineffective habits acquired from earlier in life, but few can guide you through breaking through defense mechanisms that consistently hold you back, that go back to your childhood. Achieving the next level of vocal mastery requires the guidance of a skilled and experienced voice trainer – someone who understands the intricacies of the performer’s journey based on genuinely telling the story through singing. I understand this journey intimately because I am an actor who sings with over 40 years of experience performing as well as teaching. My one-man show, “Love, Desire, and Growing Pains“, performed at the Avalon Theater in New York City, reflects the culmination of 15 years of dedicated training prior to this achievement. If you resonate with my approach, read on or reach out. I bring a unique teaching style focused on the art and science of the human vocal apparatus and expression system, targeted toward accelerating a singer’s development towards virtuosity. Today, drawing from the rich traditions of professional theater and opera worlds, and modern psycho-acoustic science, plus deep training in the the Italian Bel Canto Physiological Singing Tradition, and knowledge from Eastern and Western consciousness development, we can expedite your growth as a singer. Say goodbye to the fog of blocks, self-defeating mechanisms, plateaus, and limitations resulting from unresolved trauma, fear, and deep-seated subconscious blocks. I am committed to guiding you towards mastery, ensuring you spend more time doing what you love and less time wrestling with obstacles over and over that are preventing you from using your God-given voice.

My approach includes comprehensive training in the listening posture and the singer’s state that must be achieved for virtuosic and innovative performance and never causing yourself a vocal problem because of poor, less than scientific and true artistic approach . I also offer non-invasive, sophisticated hands-on education and bodywork to remove unresolved trauma and tension limiting your vocal uniqueness and potential.

Core exercise (see these videos) focuses on emotional muscle utilization precisely specific to singers, while neurofeedback training helps conquer performance anxiety. We can assess your listening abilities if necessary that relate directly to your vocal production with a Tomatis® Listening Assessment as well as provide sonic listening training that will improve your vocal emission. This comprehensive methodology accelerates the development of dedicated performing artists, ensuring a lifelong journey without vocal problems and with genuine artistic fulfillment.

Together, we’ll uncover the voice that Nature intended for you – a voice that is truly unique and unlike any other in the Universe. I call this process ‘becoming nobody but yourself.”.