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So you have to sing for live audiences, you just know that inside, and yet you are somehow blocked from doing that freely and authentically. Your rehearsals go OK but then in front of others, you choke, can’t be yourself, are unable to emit your voice the way you know in your heart you are capable of.   You feel stuck and no matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to change. Your range is limited. It is like a vicious cycle. You are frustrated but also motivated to find your way.

With the right training, you can transcend these blocks, theses impediments, and begin to discover how to freely express yourself in a virtuosic way. This is the way it is with most singers who have a strong passion to perform for audiences. It takes real know-how though, not just know-what (sing with your diaphragm, lower your larynx, and on and on ad nauseum).  A lot of people have a lot of cognitive ideas, believes and theories about singing, but it’s a rare one who can support you to transcend the defense mechanisms that will trip you up over and over.  It takes direct experience and years of training to be able to get you to the next level.

I know! Because I am an actor-singer and I have gone this path for 40 years.  Watch me sing in my NYC one-man show “Love, Desire and Growing Pains” at the Avalon Theater (scroll down to bottom of this page) that was the culmination of my journey as a performer and if you are drawn to what I do, then read more or reach out. There is no-one who teaches the way I do and my entire impulse all these years was to discover how to accelerate a singers development toward virtuosity (mastery over you voice and performance).


TheSingersCENTER.com is the life work of David Delaney, actor-singer, trainer & somatic therapist for singers & is a multi-faceted practical resource for those who perform for live audiences. Discovering your authentic voice, your intrinsic voice, has taken 7 to 10 years historically of  committed and dedicated performance and study.

Today, with the art of singing from both the theater and opera worlds (Italian Bel Canto Tradition), modern physics, and the knowledge of the East and West for developing consciousness & higher states of body-mind, we can accelerate the development of a singer. so that you can spend more time doing what you love and less time lost in the fog of blocks, plateaus, and limitations that are the result of unresolved trauma/fear/blocks that go way back in your life and that play a central role in your limits as an artist.

With non-invasive, sophisticated hands-on education and bodywork to remove unresolved trauma/fear/body tension that limits full vocal potential, core exercise for the emotional muscles (singer’s muscles), non-invasive brain relaxation training, audio-vocal assessment & sonic listening training (Tomatis®), we can speed up the dedicated performing artist’s development so that she will never have a vocal problem and will enjoy a lifelong artist journey with full benefit and satisfaction. We can uncover your voice that is the voice that Nature intended for you, that is unique and like no-one else’s in the Universe. I call this ‘nobody but yourself’.