Singing with true sentiment

“There is no medium

for expressing human sentiments or feelings

so high,

so strong &

so effective

as to bear comparison with the human voice”.

Dr. P. Mario Marafioti



But learning to use your full vocal expression system to its full potential, the way that Nature designed, it is not as easy as watching a video on Youtube about singing, because it takes mastery to use it for its highest purpose (Civilization).  We are outer directed in this culture and we are definitely hypnotized to a degree (so who is hypnotizing us? our lower egos).

Embodied singing demands full, moment to moment commitment to be engaged deeply as a physical Human Being, openly communicating with other fellow human beings.  It is a rare one of us who has achieved this level of mastery, and so, this is is a challenge for the singer who sings for audiences. Without challenge, we do not evolve.  We must use the power of healing of the human voice to heal society.  A famous Sufi teacher named Hazrat Inayat Khan says that “our voice is our Spirit made visible”.


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