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Uncovering your singing voice

Most singers do not realize it but you are likely only functioning at around 50% of your vocal potential.  Why? Because most of us are: carrying trauma from our past in our body/psyche and this fear (tension) has a limiting impact on the singer’s muscles and the elasticity and flexibility necessary to emit your voice […]

Upping your level…

  For those of us who are driven toward virtuosity in their singing development, who have a driving passion and perseverance for it, then at some crossroads, we need the guidance of an expert who knows this territory from the inside-out and can help us get there.    Why?  Because we humans are very complex!  […]

Changing the key of recorded accompaniment

As a singer, I had many recordings that my accompanist recorded for me once we nailed down the rendition.  I could have it recorded in the key that worked for my voice.  But once it is recoreded, it is difficult to change, even if you range changes.   So, how do we deal with this […]

Professional Singer’s experience with the Tomatis Method Ear Training

I stumbled upon Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis’ autobiography The Conscious Ear in the beginning months of 1999 at the Lincoln Center Library of the Performing Arts. I was fascinated by what I read. And in a marvelous bit of harmonic convergence,  Marvin Keenze brought Tomatis’ protege Paul Madaule (the director of the Listening Centre in […]

The Tomatis Method For Singers & Musicians

The-Tomatis-Method-For-Singers-and-Musicians-       Offered for educational purposes. The Tomatis Method For Singers and Musicians The Listening Centre, 94 Harbord St., Toronto, ON, Canada M5S 1G6 E-mail: info@listeningcentre.com; web: listeningcentre.com An Excerpt from “About the Tomatis Method”, 1987 by Paul Madaule About The Tomatis Method Edited by Timothy M. Gilmour, Ph.D., Paul Madaule, L.Ps., Billie […]

For many children, singing is acquired earlier and faster than speech…

“Listening and Singing” by Paul Madaule Published in the NATS Journal of Singing, May/June 2001)   “While hearing is the passive reception of sound, listening is the active process of tuning in to those sounds we wish to receive while screening out those we do not wish to receive. Listening involves the perception of both […]

Dr. Alfred Tomatis’ work with singers & actors

“To Turn Singing on Its Ear: The Singer’s Voice and the Tomatis Listening Curve” “In addition to treating disorders (pathogenic conditions), the Tomatis method has been used to improve and sharpen potential (fortigenic). This notably has been the case with actors and musicians…” read more   John-Bede Pauley Publisher:  tomatisassociation.org Publication Date:  2008