Unresolved trauma in your body…

As I write about extensively in my book “Intrinsic Singing”, unresolved trauma in our body will limit our singing potential. It will mask the qualities of your authentic, God given voice, limit your vocal color, range, timbre.  Your spirit will not come through but be hidden under the bushel basket, as it were.

So what is meant so unresolved trauma? Essentially, it is the memory of painful experiences in our life; physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually. For instance, the time the bully beat you up or you were insulted in front of others. Or you had a father who you experienced as harsh.  Or you had low self esteem in school and buried those feelings. Or stats of jealousy or envy of others. It can also include illness, accidents, injuries, experiences of aggression by others.

Trauma is the result of experiences that were too much for you to handle, and those experiences get locked into our body-psyche. They are essentially blocked energy that is not flowing, from the Oriental Medicine POV.

As our body begins to carry more and more of these painful memories of fear, our body becomes distorted, moves less efficiently, we feel less light and free. Our mobility. emotions and mental faculties are negatively impacted.  We all know what I am speaking about.

At some point in our life, we hit a threshold of these memories of fear and what happens is that the body starts becoming anesthetized from the brain. We stop being aware of the pain but it is there, buried. Perhaps there is numbness and one might say ‘I have not fear” and this is likely to mean that you are actually carrying inordinate amounts of fear-tension but are cut off from it. The brain has to deal with all the changes that are happening moment to moment in our life and basically says, ‘I cannot keep giving you the message that there is something that needs to be faced here’. So it cuts off as a survival tactic.

How to resolve this? I was introduced to a self bodywork method by Philosopher Oscar Ichazo many years ago called Chua K’a Bodywork. It is bodywork done on oneself and is considered the highest form of bodywork because  no-one knows you pain better than you do. With it, we begin to release the trapped fear in our body-psyche and it has a positive impact on all areas of our life. Once learned, you can work on your body in an ongoing way and prevent the build up of lactic acid that causes all muscles to glue to one another, limited our range of motions and limited our ability to live well in this world.

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