Review article of the book “Anatomy of Voice” by Calais-Germain and Germain

Anatomy of Voice:How to enhance and project your best voice by Calais-Germain and Germain Structure, Function, Integration Journal – Vol. 47 – Nº 3 November 2019   A review by David Delaney, MA, CAR, LPC- Certified Advanced Rolfer® Singing Voice Trainer & Therapist 4.13.18 as published in the Rolf Institute Journal   This book is […]

Rolf Institute Journal Article on Singing Voice by David Delaney

David Delaney’s Singing Voice Article from the Rolf Institute Journal: April 2015

Breathing technique contradictions among singing teachers

I recently read a research paper on breathing technique related to singing. Here is an interesting comment from a singing student on  his experience of working with various teachers of singing: “One teacher will tell you that… you must protrude your abdomen so that your diaphragm has room to operate. The next will contradict this… […]

Voice is speech, produced by the mouth; not the vocal folds…

"Voice is speech, and is produced by the mouth, not by the vocal folds (cords).  The vocal folds in the larynx produce only sounds, or primitive vibrations, which are transformed into vowels and consonants by a phonetic process taking place in the mouth and giving origin to the voice".        Dr. P Mario [...]

Singing with true sentiment

“There is no medium for expressing human sentiments or feelings so high, so strong & so effective as to bear comparison with the human voice”. Dr. P. Mario Marafioti     But learning to use your full vocal expression system to its full potential, the way that Nature designed, it is not as easy as watching […]